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edXirr is made of Excellence in Value Creation. It has been designed from the integration of multiple expertises in Strategy, Finance and Operational value creation. Complexity has been made SIMPLE, though it fits with almost any real business situation. May you look for the Private Equity knowledge and tools, more than an MBA knowledge, while capitalizing with a scalable solution that you can practice and leverage in almost any real business or personal situation, you already found your lasting best ever business friend, called edXirr!

edXirr boosts Corporate Education students, Professionals in Strategy/Finance/Business Performance, Entrepreneurs and Executives. It is part of IRRQuest® Value Management (VM), the future Collaborative Platform designed for Growth Business Leaders.

Unrivaled Integration

edXirr has been designed to integrate the benefits of IRRQuest® Fully Integrated Value Framework,
which guides you along the 14 Steps to Frame Your Path to Value Creation.

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Integrated Forward-Looking Financials

Financials differ from accounting. Simply import or connect your accounting data (historical). Build and adjust your business plan (future basis and options), optimize, take actions, monitor and control. All simply explained so that you will learn fast for long, and focus on what matters!

Scalable Value Creation Management

Start with mastering Basic Integrated Financials. Continue with Advanced Financials. Then integrate your Strategy and Managerial Accounting. Ultimately go for IRRQuest® Comprehensive Value Framework and you'll have the best copilot to manage your strategy implementation!

Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis

Sensitivity (or What-if) Analysis is the basis of any decision-making process. Use integrated predefined scenarios on direct value creation levers or build your own ones to assess any event or option's value. Stop using static reporting to decide, start using dynamic reporting!

Dynamic Integrated Reporting

Integrated Reporting is the process to demonstrate how your strategy leads to value creation, in the best sustainable and impactful way. IRRQuest® Comprehensive Value Framework will lead you further with Dynamic Integrated Reporting that will adapt as fast as your business will!


Knowledge is a good Start. Practice leads to Understanding. But the world needs AWARENESS.
The Value Impact Community needs YOU to spread more Strategy & Finance into the World.

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Operational Sensitivity Scorecard

Our Solutions

edXirr offers you the possibility to Learn and Teach value creation management in an online collaborative manner,
and leverage your Professional Practices to bring value through amazing scalable possibilities.

Basic Integrated Financials

BF/Top-level online rendering that fits with most of real companies to master integrated financials (income, cash flow statement and balance sheet).

Dynamic Sensitivity Reports

S(C)BF/Online rendering that allows integrated standard or (C)ustom what-if scenarios analysis at general financials level, or deeper, with dynamic sensitivity.

Full edXirr Path for Executives

Designed for Growth Business Leaders and those aspiring to grow, edXirr can scale-up to fully integrate up-to 10 businesses in a Fund. Sample Video.

Advanced Integrated Financials

AF/Detailed online solution that fits with financial analysis and adjustments (including: EBITDA, off-balance), detailed equity analysis and performance ratios.

Custom Value Reports

We provide external reports and know-how to our online subscribers: leverage your use of edXirr with strategic, financial, equity, value analysis and more.

Personalized Path Coaching

Tell us more about your challenges and purpose, our online subscriptions include 1-year coaching to support you in getting the most out of it.

Sample Views

edXirr starts with financials (SC)BF/AFx. We can help assess your company's value potential and design your strategy: watch edXirr in action.
edXirr has been designed to be SIMPLE to use and leverage, even for non-experts. It will guide you to create the most promising Path to Value: have a look at some screenshots.

xS=Sensitivity; C=Custom; BF=General Financials; AF=Advanced Financials.

edXirr by IRRQuest® - Value Dashboard

Value Dashboard

Powered by IRRQuest® VCmo Index
edXirr by IRRQuest® - Operational Dashboard

Operational Dashboard

Manage Value Creation & Focus
edXirr by IRRQuest® - Equity Dashboard

Equity Dashboard

ESG/multiple/uncaptured Impact
edXirr by IRRQuest® - LBO Deal

LBO Deal

edXirr by IRRQuest® - Value Framework

Value Framework

Powered by IRRQuest® Framework
edXirr by IRRQuest® - Strategy Dashboard

Strategic Impact

Value Chain & Strategic Impact
edXirr by IRRQuest® - M&A Deal

M&A Deal

edXirr by IRRQuest® - Fund Portfolio Dashboard

Fund Portfolio

Manage up to 10 Investees

About Us

We designed and built edXirr as part of IRRQuest® Value Management (VM) solutions, being the result of smart investment in R&D from our expertise in value creation.

edXirr provides the best insights from the three pillars that will Frame Your Path to Value Creation: STRATEGY, FINANCE and VALUE DRIVERS integration.

edXirr by IRRQuest®

Complexity made as simple as MERCI

Our Story

edXirr has been built upon :

♥ More than twenty years of deep professional experience of varied businesses at all business functions, completed by the most relevant international educational cursus;

♥ Above all, passion for excellence in value creation management, and the purpose to create value in the best possible sustainable and impactful way.

edXirr is a modular solution that starts with mastering business financials: build your business plan, get insights from your clients/competitors/partners/targets financials, get integrated and dynamic dashboards, adapt and value any option, look forward and scale-up your game. edXirr is a life-time investment with practical use: know more than an MBA in 1 year and scale-up with the Private Equity knowledge!

  • Actionable value drivers
  • Fully integrated
  • Educational
  • Operational
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Our Process

Choose the best edXirr for YOU and Frame Your Path to Value Creation!
Enjoy your 14-days money back guaranteed trial, and your 1-year free coaching will start.













Meet The Team

Our front-line team is always at your service. Get in touch, and you'll receive a warm welcome.
Engage with us, and you'll be grateful for what you'll get!

Olivier Rochet, MBA

Olivier Rochet

IRRQuest® Founder

Olivier Rochet is IRRQuest® founder. As an Executive MBA, he invests his action and experience into value creation strategies in a global perspective.

Heather Sweet, Bot

Heather Sweet

Bot Community Manager

Heather Sweet brings in a little bit of fun to help you get the most out of your experience with us. Through chat, email or social media, ask for Heather!

Our Skills


My Story - Our History

I started with providing audit/consulting services to small and mid-cap companies, and built the premise of IRRQuest® Value Framework. True extension of the SMO (Service Management Office) that I imagined back in 2007 to create more value by better connecting (integrating) projects and operations, the VCmo (Value Creation management office) now merges as ONE.

With a focus on investment performance, I was proud to achieve x10 value on a regular basis, which made the hard work worth it to start!

The enterprise autopilot project was born, but I continued focusing first on serving our clients in their corporate challenges.

Audit and advisory initiatives, buyout intermediary work, financial diagnosis, and sustainable performance planning, were my primary focus.

StratInsight Venture was born to be the highly valuable scorecard for business executives to support "manage-by-value" decision-making.

Sensitivity analyses and forward-looking simulations upon a global integrated framework embracing financials, strategic & operational data.

From IRRQuest® I launched edXirr to address the consumer market with scalable best-in-class solutions to manage value creation.

From learning by doing to professional practice, it is now just a matter of where you want to start and what you want to achieve. Don't wait, start now!


All real company financials can be managed (or we refund), for financial analysis, scoring, modeling to value management; whether you build a business plan from scratch or start from accounting data.
Forward-looking accounting data - such as tax - suggest a default calculation that can be configured in a simple way, or manually set. We provide customization support, try it for free and just ask!
You'll have it all for long! From your accounting, scale-up and manage value through a fully detailed end-to-end integrated solution that puts the focus forward, in a dynamic and collaborative manner.

Fun Facts

edXirr is a secret weapon: built bottom-up to serve top-down, not only for Finance, but also Strategy & Operations Leaders.
* We care about your loyalty and engagement, so that we will organize equity rewards for recurring clients.


Pricing Table

All orders guaranteed: 14-days money back / Cancel any time / Get refund if you find cheeper/ Scale-up and pay only for the difference / 25%-off first-time purchase!
Choose YOUR plan. Give the AWESOME plan a TRY for FREE with SCBFinput. Or start RIGHT NOW! Pay in your own currency or US dollar, your choice.

  • from $11 per month consumer
  • $8/mo ADDITIONAL USER (<6)
  • $3/mo BF1 DATA IMPORTS
  • from $49 per month consumer
  • $39/mo ADDITIONAL USER (<6)
  • $9/mo AF2 DATA IMPORTS
  • from $89 per month consumer
  • $79/mo ADDITIONAL USER (<6)
  • 3 edXirr FULL REPORTS3 INCL.
  • $25/mo 1-YEAR MBA COURSES

1 BF=General Financials; 2 AF=Advanced Financials;
3 edXirr FULL REPORTS give you - on 1 or more chosen forward-looking (what-if) scenario - amazing VALUE INSIGHT
Strategic initiative/KPI, Business event / Risk (income/balance/cash flow), Employee Profit Sharing, Management Package, Fundraising, Equity investment, LBO, M&A, IPO, Business Sale..

Latest Blogs

Value is THE world leader. Value starts with Values, while awareness can help make change the rules to Value.
Knowledge and understanding are a prerequisite. edXirr let you grow by doing: THE solution.

Value is THE world leader - Part 7

Get obsessed with Value! Part 7

First it is by providing executives (and aspiring to executive management, as well as anyone committed to Fast-Learning!) with practical solutions that make it simpler to manage value creation and focus on what matters most, therefore highly configurable solutions to your specific purpose and goals. It brings in more than an MBA knowledge (I went through it, but it targets more business executives than investment management professionals, and Private Equity knowledge is the best I know to manage value creation; nevertheless mastering business administration and operational value creation levers should go along with), and it is even more valuable because it is integrated and it has been built based on a varied professional experience in nearly all businesses functions with expertise in the key disciplines that contribute most to value creation.

Second it is HOW you will use it. And it’s been designed so that you will learn much faster, you will be able to integrate your own challenges whatever they are, and leverage everything that matters to value while getting on the one hand a direct connection and innovative management opportunities with the front-end (key) and back-end (front-end wired) of your business, and developing on the other hand forward-looking / market opportunities / value focused habits.

What about the key findings that show the potential of a highly integrated solution focused on Value?

One preliminary finding is that strategy and finance, that are key areas to manage value, are not spread enough — especially not accessible to small businesses, even more in my native country than in the US (US advisory market’s largest segment — 2015 market search data — is corporate strategy, that accounts for around 30% of the management and marketing consultancy domestic market, while in France..

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Value is THE world leader - Part 6

Get obsessed with Value! Part 6

The point here is: it is much better to have a Framework that guides you in the process of estimating a future situation and prepare yourself and your team, than only relying on your advisors. CEOs, CFOs and even professionals benefit from it to..

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Value is THE world leader - Part 5

Get obsessed with Value! Part 5

For a business, value is regarded as a measure of the market value of equity (or price of equity or equity value). For a private company, it is derived from the Enterprise Value (EV), which measures the market value for both debt..

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